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Spring-Summer 2023

Yearning for continued connectivity with the world, colors have the power to ground us and bridge gaps at the same time. This season a resounding theme is to be mindful of self-care; both emotional and physical, and to embrace differences in society. Colors have been known to influence our mood and serve as conduits of relatability. The consensus for Spring-Summer 2023 is do what makes you feel happy, secure and included, and the color stories that have emerged, reinforce that notion.

Blurred Lines

This tranquil and feminine color palette  whisks you away on a dreamy escape from the real world. Translucent or subtly tinted finishes that exude glistening radiance capture the eyes.  Pigment fluidity is exhibited  in soft interference color travel, enhanced in liquid and cream mediums.  Formulations skew towards dual or multipurpose, eliminating defined boundaries and yielding “blurred lines.”

Featured Prototypes


Crème Eyeshadow

Coat eyes with a smooth veil of shimmering mint green crème shadow.

Colorants: Bichroma Aqua, SD Soft Green, SynMira Ice BVR929


Lovely mauve tones are delivered sparingly in a clear lipstick with slight shimmer that is just enough to spark interest.

Colorants: Diamond Silk Violet Gold, Diamond Crystal Red


Self Reflections

The color scheme which provokes thought about the essence of beauty of the individual is here. The shades are inspired by nature, the human body and ancient civilizations. Rather than utilizing ornate and heavily deposited make up to mask what is underneath, find splendor in the imperfections that emerge. Finer particle sized pearlescent pigments in both natural and synthetic mica are ideal for this story, delivering matte to soft sheen effects which enrich facial features.  The emotions emitted through the collection are strength, pride and love of oneself.

Featured Prototypes


Liquid Eyeliner

Take a glance in a mirror and  emphasize meaningful gazes by lining eyes with a liquid liner pigmented with earthy notes.

Colorants: Chromatique Starlight Chestnut Brown, Majestic Plantain, Majestic Blackberry

Liquid Lipstick

A silky matte liquid lipstick completes the rawness of this theme by delivering a powdery bluish red tint to the mouth utilizing natural mica pearls.

Colorants: Majestic Watermelon, Majestic Velvet Merlot

Sip of Sunshine

What better way to brighten the day than to adorn nails with an uplifting rainbow of colors? This invigorating trend is overloaded with creativity and diversity and is meant to stimulate the senses.  The simplistic yet sunny palette can be married with  two tone and dimensional effects that command attention. The finish is semi-matte to slight shimmer.  Smaller particle, full coverage, cheerful pearls serve as the ultimate colorants for the celebratory mood of this trend.

Featured Prototypes


Nail Color

A radiant tropical coral tone.

Colorant: Majestic Carrot, Majestic Coconut, Sachet Duo Fine P-O

Nail Color

A “fizzy” lime green rounds out the collection.

Colorant: Fiesta Emerald Coast, Majestic Coconut, Illumina Yellow-II



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