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Spring Summer 2022

Just like beautiful paintings displayed on a wall, faces can be a canvas to shade, enhance and tell a story for the world to interpret. Next Spring and Summer, color direction is heavily influenced by the past year’s events and the tone is uplifting and positive.  Throughout this period, we have all learned how to adapt and the result is finding strength within oneself, becoming resourceful and unafraid of individuality. Color and aesthetics play integral roles in affecting our moods and mindsets. Spring-Summer 2022 encompasses bold hues and unique perspectives resonating in the world of makeup, to art, and photography, to science and technology. Reds and pinks are skewed to the warmer side and therapeutic textures are created throughout a variety of applications for soothing sensorial perception. Color placement of these shades extends high up to the temples and coverage is sheer and dewy or buildable for self-expression. Orange is a key color indicating wellness and zest of life. The warmth and vibrancy of this shade promote feelings of happiness. Nudes and neutrals with slight yellow/orange casts are a staple for cheeks and lips while darker browns with khaki undertones exude earthy looks on the eyes.  Blues are brighter next year accompanied by tints of purple with an emphasis on gorgeous water tones, reminding us of nature’s beauty.  Greens take center stage with hints of yellow allowing for invigorating freshness in this category.  Multiple variations of green will be prominently seen on eyes and nails. Purples are more feminine, infused with pink notes, and semi-satin finishes to multi-dimensional textures will be prevalent.  The overall use of natural and safe synthetic colorants is on the rise, with the Clean and Conscious Beauty movement, and is evident in our pigment selections.

Blushing Vitality


The time has come to awaken the senses and fuse energy into our appearances. Faces that exude wellness and glowing gleams are at the forefront.  Textures are varied but emphasis is on soft liquids and creams that build color to create healthy blushed and sun-kissed tones.

Lips are stained with sheer tints of vibrant orange from our natural colorant, SDI Annatto Powder O, in a creamy lip balm that is also fortified with Vitamin C. Mesmerizing shimmer berry swirls are achieved with Fiesta Gemini VRO47, Glamour CF Hot Pink and SynMira Ice ROY926 in a luxurious sheer coat gloss.  A semi-matte, transfer-resistant liquid lipstick provides a burst of eye-catching coral pink shade pigmented with our new Sachet Duo Fine P-O.

Cheeks are flushed with buildable color in a rosy nude shade formulated with Marvel Satin Amber, Chromatique Starlight Chestnut Brown and TC Bright Red and paired with a luminous pop of pink delivered by our new Sachet Duo Fine P-G.  Playful SilikMira Ice VRO flakes of  silica glitter infuse a nourishing moisture gel for fun and function!

Our faces are yearning to be seen again in a new light and next Spring and Summer represents a rejuvenation on many levels.

Euphoric Landscapes


Nature is the inspiration for eye makeup next Spring and Summer. The beautiful spectrum of colors found on land and in bodies of water bring elements of Earth to life on our lids.  The soothing energy, tranquility and emotional connection  transmitted from our natural environment has become more profound during recent times.

“The eyes are the window to the soul”  is a saying that evokes a deeper meaning nowadays with so much expression of personality and individualism emitting from our eyes and the skin that  surrounds them.  Eye makeup is utilized to draw focus to the area and convey a variety of looks and moods.

Saturated crème shadows deliver dramatic effects utilizing Fiesta Powder Lime, Majestic Coconut and SynMira Sleek BG for a cheery and full coverage finish while a combination of Smokey Vintage Black and Fiesta Sharp Green produces a darkened shimmery green, perfect for contrast.  A light and whimsical shade and texture is created with a liquid eyeshadow comprised of Bichroma Light Blue and highly reflective Diamond Crystal Turquoise. Classic  Majestic Velvet Blueberry is incorporated in a shadow pen for refined definition.  A glistening loose powder consisting of Smokey Glimmering Peach Copper and SynMira Ice VRO can be patted on the lids or temple area for a fairy tale jewel tone and Eldorado Breen and Majestic Blackberry deliver smooth earthy shades that ground us.

Retro Coated


Take a step into a time warp for inspiration!  Let those nails set us free with vivid candy colors, juicy textures and funky patterns. Lively pastel shades reminiscent of cotton candy and fruity sorbets take center stage and are present in crème, satin and dimensional effects.  Pure black polish is a staple for eccentric designs.

Similar to the eye category, the nail segment allows for bold expression and maximalist looks to foster individuality.  The color palette is happy, fun and a little bit “throwback” to lighten the mood.

Frosty pastel shades are achieved by combining Majestic Coconut with Majestic Blue Grape for a dreamy baby blue and mixing Majestic Coconut with Bichroma  Aqua for a cool mint green.  SilikMira Ice GTV provides a supersized color travel contrast when paired with our new fine particle Sachet Duo Fine P-B for some psychedelic complexity.   For natural colorant choices, SDI Annatto  Powder O is utilized as a tangerine color background and Confetti Bio Ice GR delivers an icy creamsicle appearance with sparkling texture.  A gorgeous full coverage pearlized white, Fiesta Ultrafine White, is all it takes for superb laydown and finish.  Perfect alone, or as a base for embellishments and designs, this is a must-have.   A twist on lavender to complete the cool tones is enhancing Sachet MV Red with additional flip by adding smooth color travel, SilikMira Sleek BVR.

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