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Fall Winter 2023/2024

This is the season of welcoming the most extreme and lavish looks to also embracing muted neutral tones that never go out of style. Lips are a hot focus emerging more as mask mandates diminish, exhibiting varied finishes ranging from highly concentrated mattes to foil-like metallic shimmers. Dare to make statements with unexpected bolds or invigorate tried and true functional shades with twists on texture. Pigmentation skews to the warmer side balanced by some cool notes which tend to “warm up” medium to dark skin tones. What may seem to be an unconventional tone on fair skin, can be a more natural hue on deeper complexions. Inclusivity is prevalent in color palette design to satisfy a broad customer base.

Kharma Chameleon

Time to emerge from your shell and transform into an alter ego. Saturated pigmentation in a variety of textures, enables outstanding impact, where eyes and lips are in the spotlight. Dare to experiment with unexpected shades on the mouth, utilizing versatile products with limitless function. Bold jewel-toned colors with a twist take center stage.

Featured Prototypes


Lip Gloss

  • Creamy Body
  • Soft Shine
  • Silky Glide

Colorants: Fiesta Fine Gold, Fiesta Gold Sparkle

Jelly Eyeshadow

  • Cream to Powder
  • Full Coverage
  • Long Wear

Colorants: SilikMira Variable GYB, Fiesta Fine Gold


  • High Shimmer
  • Easy Glide
  • Great coverage

Colorants: Sachet Dazzling Silver, Chromatique Silver Gray, Sachet Shimmer White


Earthen Bounty

Inspiration is taken from the “fruit of the earth” and subtle influences from vegetation and landscapes that surround and ground human nature. Delicate shades which are classically intertwined with one another produce a harmonized palette appealing to the masses. Finishes are more matte, but balanced with slight sheen, and formulations are buildable in coverage. The shades are meaningful and purposeful, providing the framework for the most beautiful, elegant and artistic makeup creations.

Featured Prototypes


Creamy Liner

  • Matte
  • Powdery feel
  • Great deposit

Colorants: Eldorado Satin Mauve

Demi Matte Lipstick

  • Demi Matte
  • Buttery feel
  • Excellent slip

Colorants: Marvel Antique Violet, Fiesta Shimmer Fire Red

Pressed Eyeshadow

  • Matte
  • Uniform laydown
  • Creamy texture

Colorants: SDI Matte Yellow Mica, SDI Matte White Mica, SDI Matte Red Mica, SDI Matte Black Mica


Coats of Appeal

It’s all about variety of texture, multi-faceted pigments and  application techniques utilizing vibrant cool tones with a holiday flair.  Shades range from icy blues to rich plums and  hot pinks to add excitement .  Finishes can be extreme matte, crème, shimmer or chunky glitter – whatever appeals to you!  The nail category is notorious for being a wonderfully inclusive and a judgement free zone, so time to lay on the coats!

Featured Prototypes


Nail Color Formula 216-79A

  • Random Cut Glitter effect
  • Rainbow flecks
  • Steel Blue color

Colorants: Fantasy Mosaic, Fiesta Ocean Topaz

Nail Color Formula 216-79D

  • Super Matte
  • Deep Plum with yellow cast

Colorants: Majestic Plum, Majestic Pink Grapefruit, Majestic Velvet Blueberry

Nail Color Formula 216-79F

  • Full coverage
  • Electric Pink color

Colorants: Fiesta African Violet, Illumina Hot Pink-II

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