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Fall Winter 2022/2023

The time to elevate beauty is upon us. Next Fall – Winter dramatic couplings of concentrated pigmentation and varied textures are at the forefront.  The utilization of light reflective and illuminating hues alongside deeper, yet warmer shades is prevalent. Tactility and sensorial consistencies, in all mediums, play an integral part in the perception of feeling safe and secure, contributing to our overall well-being.

Moody Embers

Snuggle up with a cozy blanket in front of a blazing fire for that lovely feeling and lighting.  Makeup trends for next year’s Fall and Winter season mimic moody and shadowy appearances, like those produced by glimmering embers, with reds and neutrals shifted to the warm side emphasizing flushed and dewy finishes.



Faces are infused with a luxurious BB cream tinted with Olivsperse dispersions and a touch of shimmering Bichroma Dorado for a golden sheen.  Our new SS Phytosterol Blend and SS BioMineral 5 complete the conditioning and nourishing profile dry and damaged skin is eager to soak up.  A copper toned powder blush is formulated  with SDI Red IO AS , Sachet Smooth Interference Gold and Fiesta Gold Sparkle to create sultry contours.  Glistening highlights can be added to cheekbones, T-zone, etc. with an all-over-face stick formulated with stunning SynMira Shimmer ROY8598, Sachet TC Swift Peach and Fiesta Golden Rouge.

Fiesta Golden Rouge              10-60 µm

SynMira Shimmer ROY8598      20-80 µm


Lips are a bold and prominent contrast to the previous Spring and Summer.  Saturation of color in a full lipstick bullet is achieved with Majestic Watermelon and Majestic Plantain for full coverage.  Line lips for superb definition with fine particle Fiesta Velvet Cabernet and SDI Matte Red Mica for a signature rich wine tone. Providing treatment with color is the ultimate source of sensorial healing utilizing our new SS Phytosterol Blend for bounds of moisturization and gloss effect, while pairing the creamy base with an appealing and versatile shade delivered by Eldorado Mauve, Sachet Smooth Interference Violet and SynMira Sparkle OPG.

Majestic Watermelon   10-60 µm

Fiesta Velvet Cabernet          1-10 µm


Cultural Fusion

Inspiration for color trends in the eye area for next Fall/Winter is multi-cultural. With influences from Asia and Nordic countries, color palettes are bold and distinct with the use of layers and unexpected pairings that can exist in harmony. Maximalist looks are prevalent so don’t be shy!



Red shadow on the eyelids is fiery and captivating.  Sachet Crimson Red is the perfect choice for high chroma, high pay-off coverage in a crème base. Add some sleek dimension with a gun-metal shimmering liquid eyeliner formulated with Smokey Vintage Black, Sachet Silver Grey, Sachet Dazzling Silver and a touch of Majestic Blackberry. Change up the look with a dramatic blue liquid eyeshadow  that will attract attention day and night.  Silky laydown and maximum coverage is produced with glass-based Glamour Brilliant Blue and synthetic pearls Smokey Vintage Denim Blue and Black.

Sachet Crimson Red 10-45 µm

Glamour Brilliant Blue 15-105 µm


Chiseled Opulence

The nail category calls for luxurious sophistication next Fall and Winter.  With gemstone shades and lavish effects prevalent, the choices are endless.  Opulence can be understated with sheer coatings of fine particle pigments to more extravagant looks that resemble silver chards or cut glass.  Overall, the season brings tones that are rich and vibrant and convey a feeling of joyfulness.



A soothing coat of a sheer amber shade is achieved with a blend of Majestics Rhubarb, Blackberry and Carrot while Alchemique Shimmer Luxury Copper adds a slight glimmering quality.  SilikMira Ice GTV adds a mesmerizing green and turquoise supersized flake effect in a top-coat over a black nail.  A stunning rose shade is created with newer Sachet CF Rose as the focus pigment while a touch of Sterling Super Glittering Silver provides bright eye-capturing reflective flecks.

Sachet CF Rose 10-45 µm

Sterling Super Glittering Silver              70-280 µm

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