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Spring Summer 2021

Jaded Khaki


This trend tells the story of hues that are linked to textures. These shades evoke unprocessed ingredients that appear natural yet have a more technical feel. When formulating, cool tones are vast, but healing colors must be vital. Pigments Fiesta Hydrangea Blue, Smokey Vintage Blue and Glamour Glowing Blue create a Teal toned suede eyeshadow while Marvel Satin Olive Gold (NEW) utilizes the same base with a more Khaki look. A clear mascara highlights Diamond Dust Green with Sachet Dazzling Silver (NEW). Though foundation remains key, we see more transparent beige tones with less chalky backgrounds take center stage. To achieve this, Sachet Interference Gold, Chromatique Starlight Chestnut Brown and Sachet Dazzling Silver, when incorporated together, help brighten the skin. Lastly for makeup, a clear lipstick with Diamond Crystal White produces moisture and subtle shine. Silver tones that create a mirror like finish using Sachet Dazzling Silver, Sterling super Galaxy Silver and Sterling Super Glittering Silver draw attention to one’s nail fashion sense. Like the eyes, we’ve utilized Marvel Satin Olive Gold in lacquer and created three blue-green tones with Fiesta Baby Blue, Majestic Blue Grape, Confetti Variable Green, Smokey Vintage Blue and Glamour Smooth Interference Blue.


Hued Voyager


Versatility is key. Regional differences call upon the need of adaptation. Warmer color tones that can surpass and thrive amongst cooler based shades, come alive in ranges of mauve, berries, taupe and everything in between. Lip shades are the focus for this story. A lip gloss palette highlights our new synthetic pearls Fiesta Carnation Pink and Fiesta Cardinal Red along with pigments Synmira Shimmer ROY8598, SynMira Ice ROG925, Diamond Crystal White, Majestic Velvet Merlot, Majestic Watermelon, Majestic Plum and Fiesta Gemini ROY46. We’ve formulated a red-pink toned versatile slim line that is cosmetically approved for the eye as well as lips and cheeks. Nail shades can be both creamed or textured. Diamond Crystal White and Red in conjunction with Marvel Desert Gold (NEW) , Chromatique Chestnut Brown, Fiesta Carnation Pink and Fiesta Gemini ROY26, create metallic effects. Pearls Fiesta Carnation Pink (NEW) or Majestic Cranberry design nails saturated in color. Alchemique Antique Silver, Diamond Dust White, SynMira Ice ROG925, Impact Silver and Marvel Desert Sand (NEW), deliver high chroma looks that are seen on the eye in liquid eyeliner and textured eye powder.


Coastal Tropics


Warm vs. cool, matte vs. semi-matte, all color tones are allowed. Consumers both young and old can appreciate synthetic shades as they resonate virtual worlds. Cheeks are lightly tinted with our cream to powder formulation comprised of Optique Satin Red and MicaMira VRO27. This same formulation can also be applied to the eye lids for a sheer coating. To draw more attention to the cheeks and lip for a monochromatic look, Chromatique Starlight Chestnut Brown, Fiesta Carnation Pink (NEW) and Olivsperse White combined, give a flushed appearance. Lips have a lilac appearance with gold tones delivered by our Synthetic based Sachet MV Gold. To optimize color, pressed powders in a split pan allow wearers to choose a pastel orange with Fiesta Corona Sunset Orange and Fiesta Red Rouge or an intense blue formulated with Sachet Brilliant Blue and Mystic Aquatic Blue. An array of highlighted pigments were utilized for nail polish finishes: Sachet Midnight Blue/SynMira Blue RVB; Smokey Vintage Blue/Fiesta Sharp Violet; Fiesta Emerald Coast/Fiesta Sharp Blue; Sachet MV Blue/SynMira Shimmer VRO8987; Illumina Yellow.


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