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Fall Winter 2021/2022

With the reshuffle of this year’s product launches due to the unforeseen pandemic, companies will rely on trends that are most current and ones that blend with “the now”. Cosmetics will make alterations in formulations to fuse color with combined treatment geared benefits. Long-acting skincare and longwearing color care products will see an incline in growth and productivity due to this transference. Fall Winter 2021/22 draws on beautiful tonal elements inspired by nature. Autumn foliage and woods align the overall shift of the season in color tone with the warmth of winter sunsets.  From this, visual directives are stimulated for saturated undertones. With a continuation from the previous season,  the focus will rely on colors that are less cool with a heavy presence of warming hues that are typically seen in Spring and Summer.  Some of the shades that assume warmer personalities this Fall, are gray tones that neutralize color families, pinks and blues with subtle touches of magenta, green undertones in dark and blackened shades, muted reds that feel almost nude, brown pigmentation with orange undertones, orange with a saturated yellow cast and softer, more romantic purples. These hues celebrate key trend directions and will be a necessity in creating statement color palettes.

Woodland Shadows


Buildable to high-payoff formulations flatter eye looks. Our double-ended cream eyeshadow duo can create different visuals using Alchemique Antique Silver, a shiny and metallic aluminum-based pearl on one end, and Smokey Vintage Denim Blue, a synthetic deep blue pigment  with a gray cast that delivers a matte finish, on the opposite end. A striking eye pen with SG Black Diamond has subtle silver flecks that line the eye with a bold effect. Eye lids are engulfed in warming tones that produce daring statements.

Marvel Satin Olive Gold glides smoothly on skin in a cream eyeshadow base while Fiesta Velvet Red Brown, Majestic Blackberry and Majestic Rhubarb create an intense cast for shadowing in a pressed shadow. Fiesta Smokey Jade, Alchemique Teal and Smokey Vintage Black combine to deliver a shimmering metallic effect that is long wearing and crease free due to the formulation attributes.


Shaded Canyons


With the uncertainty of mask wearing this season, lip formulators will continue to make the investment in transfer resistant products.  Our Velvet Lip Color is a lightweight matte system which incorporates Mica Mira VRO47 and has properties that hold up to face coverings. Marvel Orange, paired with SynMira Shimmer ROY8598, creates a sultry velour-like lip color. In addition, we’ve produced a glitter lip shade with color traveling effects utilizing Fiesta Gemini GR37.   A creamy lip and cheek duo highlights Mystic Fuchsia.

Newly promoted SanMica AV and Sericite AV aid in the texture and feel of our nourishing blush which also consists of SDI Red IO AS, SDI TIO2 AS and MicaMira ROY66. The color tone and lightweight feel is very wearable across all skin tones. Lastly, we developed a replenishing shimmer highlighter with cosmetic active ingredients, Rose Callus Stem Cell, Orchid Callus Stem Cell and Lotus Stem Cell Extracts to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, while Sachet Gold and SynMira Sleek ROG brighten with gorgeous sparkle.


Rustic Halo


Nails in different effects take on multiple personalities. One of our newer launches, Silikmira Max ROG, creates an unparalleled color variable pigment when used as a topcoat over darker backgrounds. Magni 5D Gold is a magnetic effect pigment that performs double duty.  Used with or without a magnet, this antique green gold tone, serves as a fashion ready nail shade. Confetti Variable Turquoise is great for an added sprinkle. SDI Duo Nude, when rubbed on top the nail, fuses to produce a metallic finish.

Fiesta Sharp Violet is played up two ways, one as a sheer finish with Olivsperse Black IO and Olivsperse White, and one in combination with SDI Duo Blue to deliver an iridescent appearance. Fiesta Velvet Cabernet and Diamond Crystal Gold are perfect for scenic holiday nail lacquers.

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