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8 New Shades of Natural Colorants

The use of green and sustainable colorants is becoming more popular in the personal care market.  Sandream Specialties is now offering a range of vibrant and functional pigments derived from nature for your formulation needs.  Bold yellow and orange hues are represented by Annatto and Turmeric which are high in carotenoids and full of antioxidants.  Turmeric will change from a yellow to a bright orange color when above pH7.  Beautiful purple reds are delivered by Red Cabbage, Red Radish, and Purple Carrot which fall into the anthocyanin category. These vegetables contain a significant concentration of antioxidants, may have anti-inflammatory benefits, and provide some natural protection against the harmful rays of the sun. Alfalfa, Caramel, and Annatto colorants are stable across the widest pH range enabling utilization within a diverse group of applications. We are excited to present our new natural colorant collection which consists of both oil dispersible and water-soluble options.

Vegan and Natural ISO 16128

Featured Products:

  • SD Annatto Powder O SDO-AO2251
  • SD Red Cabbage Powder O SDO-RC1857
  • SD Red Radish Powder O SDO-RR2769
  • SD Turmeric Oleoresin Powder O SDO-TU1858
  • SD Alfalfa Extract Powder W SDW-AE1160
  • SD Annatto Powder W SDW-AN2533
  • SD Caramel Powder W SDW-CP2260
  • SD Purple Carrot Powder W SDW-PC2425


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