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November Newsletter – NYSCC 2021

NYSCC Suppliers’ Day – Coloring Tomorrow
Color Solution – Vegan

Sandream Specialties offers a multitude of pearlescent pigments that are vegan and stunning! Available across all substrates and particle size ranges, we can deliver even the brightest pinks and purples to satisfy your needs. Our new Sachet CF Pinks check all the boxes!

Featured Products:

  • Sachet CF Rose
  • Sachet CF Magenta
  • Sachet CF Fuchsia
  • Sachet Duo Fine P-B
  • Sachet Duo Fine P-G
  • Sachet Duo Fine P-O
  • Sachet Duo Fine P-Y
  • Glamour CF Deep Pink
  • Glamour CF Hot Pink
  • Glamour CF P-B
  • Glamour CF P-Y
  • Glamour CF Rose Gold
Color Solution – Natural

Formulating within ISO 16128 guidelines is made easy with our wide variety of fitting pigments. Don’t compromise color and texture for naturality – you can have both.

Featured Products:

  • Marvel Desert Gold
  • Marvel Satin Amber Gold
  • Marvel Tan Dust
  • Marvel Copper
  • Marvel Maroon
  • Confetti Bio Ice BV
  • Confetti Bio Ice TP
  • Confetti Bio Ice GY
  • Confetti Bio Amethyst
  • Confetti Bio Ruby
Color Solution – TiO2 Free

High chroma metallic finishes, brightly colored matte pigments, color variable and fiery reds are just a few of the TiO2 free options we have at Sandream Specialties.

Featured Products:

  • Sachet Crimson Red
  • Fiesta Starlight Power Red
  • Alchemique Rose Gold
  • Alchemique Emerald
  • Alchemique Topaz
  • Alchemique Silver
  • Majestic Watermelon
  • Majestic Pomegranate
  • Majestic Carrot
  • Majestic Velvet Merlot
Color Solution – Nail

Maximalist nails are trending, so visit us to experience multi-dimensional, holographic, reflective mirror, outrageous shades, and much more. Colorants with superfine saturated coverage to flakes of over 1000 microns resembling cut glass, provide endless possibilities!

Featured Products:

  • Confetti Variable Coral
  • Confetti Variable Maroon
  • Fantasy Halo
  • Fantasy Purple
  • Fantasy Forest Green
  • Sterling Fine Silver
  • Spectra Kaleidoscope
  • Spectra Galaxy Silver
  • SDI Duo Antique
  • SDI Duo Blue
  • SDI Duo Green
  • SDI Duo Nude
Color Solution – High Drama

From bright neon colors and striking duo tones to intense color travel and mega-sized flakes, we have you covered for the most dramatic effects.

Featured Products:

  • Illumina Coral-II
  • Illumina Hot Pink-II
  • Illumina Orange-II
  • Illumina Pink-II
  • Illumina Yellow-II
  • Sachet MV Blue
  • Sachet MV Red
  • Sachet MV Gold
  • Sachet MV Pink
  • SynMira Sparkle OPG
  • SynMira Sparkle ROG
  • SynMira Sparkle RPB
  • SynMira Sparkle RVT

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