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Sandream Specialties’ New Silikmira Xtremes

Introducing: Sandream Specialties’ New Silikmira Xtremes

Experience the most “Xtreme” color variable transitions delivered by our newest SilikMira collection. These optical 4-way color changing pigments are produced via physical vapor deposition which enables unique and vivid angle dependent heterochromatic effects based on the multi-beam interference of thin films.

The intense color shifts are visible as the incidence or observation angle fluctuates and the transmitted or reflected beams alter the reflection or transmission spectrum caused by the change of the optical path of the film coating sequence with the angle.

Discover six unbelievable shades which will elevate makeup formulations everywhere.

Advantages include:

• Outrageous, distinct 4-way angular color shifts which set these pigments apart from traditional color variable pearls
• Ideal for development in eye, nail and other personal care applications
• Low heavy metal profile


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Silikmira Xtreme Creme Eyeshadow

Download Formulation:

Silikmira Xtreme Nail Polish

Download Formulation:

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